Jackson Quigley

The Evolution of a Phan

St. Elsewhere Press, Lake Forest, CA, 2000

While quietly making noise in the early 1970s, no one, least of all Jimmy Buffett, had the slightest inkling of the subculture his fans would become. His following didn’t even have a name until 1985, when he and Timothy B. Schmit coined the term “Parrot head.”

And the name stuck! When tales of the pre-concert fun leaked out, the corporate types couldn’t resist joining in. The original Parrot Heads started dressing even more outlandishly, adorning themselves with more and more parrotphanalia in an effort to put some distance between themselves and this new “Alligator Shirt Wearing” crowd.

In 1993 the Internet and computers started to band this group together. Jackson Quigley and his Parrot Head Friends show the world for the fist time what a fun-loving and creative group they are in “JimmyDOTcom.”